Group psychotherapy

Group treatment implies the following types:

  • Therapeutic groups aim to alleviate specific symptoms or issues of members. Focused on identification and treatment of emotional or/and psychological difficulties that seriously impede daily functioning.
  • Psycho-educational groups tend to change behavioural and emotional reactions of members through learning new ways of thinking and exploring personal values and beliefs.
  • Groups for personal growth and development aim to improve intrapersonal and interpersonal functioning of individuals whose mental health is not directly jeopardised. Directed towards encouraging members to identify, evaluate and develop their own personal strengths and potentials.
  • Support groups are established for members facing similar life challenges. Their main goal is to help members lower their stress levels through mutual support and sharing their coping mechanisms, exchanging information and building trust.
  • Skill development groups are focused on achieving social competences of members through group interaction. These groups are structured in a way to ensure positive experiences in mastering certain skills, such as assertiveness or effective communication.

Some of the possible thematic groups are:

  • Groups for anxious and depressed clients;
  • Groups for clients with posttraumatic stress disorder;
  • Groups for pregnant women;
  • Groups for parenthood preparation;
  • Groups for development of parenting skills;
  • Groups for development of interpersonal and communication skills in children and adults;
  • Groups of adolescents with behavioural disorders;
  • Groups of adolescents experimenting with psychoactive substances;
  • Groups of clients suffering from chronic diseases;
  • Groups of clients experiencing domestic violence; and
  • Groups of clients who have suffered bereavement.

Groups will be formed based on sufficient numbers of interested clients.


Education & training

Personal and professional capacity building through programmes of non-formal education, workshops and trainings.


HR Consulting

Systemic approach to professional development and relations among employees.