Family therapy

Family therapy implies work with families:

  • That are having difficulties adapting to stress and change;
  • That feel they are in a vicious circle, constantly facing the same issues that lead to arguments and tension;
  • That want to prepare and better adjust to the changes occurring with infant/adolescent development;
  • That want to evolve and have a better quality of life;
  • That are not satisfied with their situation, but cannot identify the specific problem(s);
  • That are facing bereavement;
  • That are going through separation or divorce;
  • In which there are various problems, such as: chronic disease, exile, alcoholism, depression, domestic violence, psychoactive substance abuse by adolescents or other family member.

Education & training

Personal and professional capacity building through programmes of non-formal education, workshops and trainings.


HR Consulting

Systemic approach to professional development and relations among employees.