Personal Business Skills (PBS Expert)

Improvement of business and personal skills through:

  • PBS Xpert – Personal business skills - Identify those skills you need in your professional life that you have to learn or improve and contact us.
  • System Xpert Personal Business Skills offers the possibility of mastering key skills in four competency areas.

The four competency areas include 12 different modules as a basis for developing the training programme which is then adjusted to the needs and interests of the clients.

Competency areas and modules

Conversation and negotiation

  1. Effective presentation
  2. Negotiation, discussion, argumentation
  3. Successful management of sales negotiations

Effective planning and organisation

  1. Successful organisation and project implementation
  2. Optimal use of time
  3. Problem-solving and development of ideas
  4. Informed decision-making and responsible action

Facilitation and coordination of group processes

  1. Constructive team work
  2. Group conflict resolution
  3. Successful facilitation of meetings

Effective presentation

  1. Preparation of slides for overhead projectors/preparation and design of presentations using computer programmes
  2. Presentation skills


Each seminar is concluded with a knowledge-based test following which the individual is awarded a European recognised certificate. After successful completion of an exam from three different modules and at least two competencies, the client is awarded the certificate of Xpert personal business skills.

In order to acquire the Xpert personal business skills pro certification, the client needs to pass the exam for two additional modules (of which at least one must be from the third competency area). Participation in additional activities, within the final workshop (for example project planning or presentation preparation as individual or group work) leads to the certificate of Xpert personal business skills master.

The training is facilitated by a PBS Xpert trainer and CBT therapy trainee under supervision.

Quality standards

Mandatory quality standards and the content adopted ensure direct contribution to your business and personal success as practical training is part of each module.

For more information on the standard and quality of the PBS Xpert training, please contact us via telephone +387 61 530 530.


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